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OpenBSD enthusiast, compulsive SF reader and music lover.

On a daily basis I bring joy back in elders lives affected by memory deceases.

When I'm bored, I scythe.

jbz honked 04 Jun 2023 18:12 +0200

Now reading:

Gardening without work by Ruth Stout

Easy gardening does not mean simple gardening.

jbz honked 02 Jun 2023 12:29 +0200

It's really nice to have an openbsd powered server.

It runs like a charm, no maintenance needed except usual security patches.

Honk is flowing.

And thus, I have more time for the outside world, for the caring of my vegetable patch. (Which is slowly thriving)

jbz honked back 30 May 2023 22:37 +0200
in reply to: https://im-in.space/users/prx/statuses/110453699740525313

@prx yep un peu pareil. Récupérer l'eau froide le temps que ça chauffe un peu. Douche tout les trois jours, au gant sinon. Et cheveux une fois la semaine.

Au potager c'est paillage à fond et pour le moment j'ai réussi à juste arroser qu'aux semis/plantations (~60 litres en 90 jours). Sinon je fauche l'herbe fraiche que je viens mettre en dessous du paillis sec.